How to avoid the temptations of life when managing your money

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Ever feel the way that you want something so bad and just cannot wait to buy it?  Or ever feel that your neighbor has everything you want from your kid doing some educational thing to the new car they bought or couch?  Ever feel like life is just throwing everything at you and it is causing you off course of your goals? If this is yes for you, we have just what you need here!

1. Show your heart

Good people bring good things out of their heart.   Give so much of your heart to someone.  Try it one time and write down how it made you feel. It does not and should not have to deal with money.  I want you to watch a friends’ kid for the day.  I want you to make dinner for your family for the night and be happy doing it. I want you to shift and adjust throughout your life to show your heart at different stages in your life.

Maybe, if you are in high school it would be taking someone home after sports practice. Or if you are in college, helping someone prep for a test that they have to take.  Or if you are in a relationship, maybe it is filling up their love tank.  Or if you are married with or without kids, take your time to just be in the moment with the person take your phone out of your hand. Be present.

Find joy in the things around you.  Show your loving heart. 

2. Keep it simple

You have so much in your life. Look around you and see what stuff you have in your life.  Maybe you have a closet full of clothes, a fridge full of food (well if its Sunday for most people), a house/place of shelter over your head full of items. 

When you get inside your head and you feel all these temptations around you.

Remind yourself to keep it simple.

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3. Rest

Resting is one of the best ways to avoid temptation as you are resting you can relax your mind and cause it not to drift off to things that you want more of. Life is a journey and it was created to have rest in it. If you do not feel at peace with something, I find myself always going back to resting and it renews my thoughts and gets me back on track.

Sometimes you just need to rest with God.  Help you fill the gaps together.

Matthew 11:28-30

4. Make it a great day

Have you ever had a bad day, a bad day turn into a bad week, and a bad week turn into a bad year? Maybe that was your 2020? I hope not, but many say it was. Here is what our 2020 was like to help you learn from our lessons.

Temptations are so hard because one bad thing could ruin your whole day. The kids scream. Your spouse having a not so great day. You finding something horrible happen. You finding yet another bill. You finding a late fee on your bank account. The temptations that are around us are real and hard. But I promise you that if you make it a great day and just focus day by day to enjoy it. You will make it all better.

You will find that it is a great day when you can pay your bills, you can send an extra payment to debt or an extra amount to your investment or savings account. You will make it a great day when you reach that goal financially!

Another way to make it a great day is to look at the things that you already have. Do not go buying anything more. Think of all the things that once were new, but now they are not. It is a lot right? Let me tell you a secret to making your day great…

You have all you need, and realize that. You can make it a great day by enjoying and bring your energy boosters with you where ever you go. Give joy to someone else to make your day great too!

5. Turn off the TV or other electronics for the day

The television has so many ads that show us let’s buy now. The radio even does too! The radio car commercials say, “With zero down and interest free for 12 months, buy a new car!”

This is not avoiding temptations. Try to think about. They are trained in how to get you to say, “Yes, I deserve this car now.” But also think about Adam and Eve in the garden. They were tempted with the apple. God did not want them to eat that. So if we made it easier for ourselves by turning off the electronics.

It has even gotten so bad with the social media too. Avoid the temptations by turning off the electronics for the day.

6. Turn off the one click buy button and remove your credit card

Yes, the extra step will help you avoid the temptation to buy things. You will have to go to your purse or wallet and type in the numbers. This will help you to stay on track with your money.

We do this with our credit card. We keep all our cards in the cabinet and when we are planning on using the credit card we discuss the purchase and that way we as a family are on the same page. We also allow us to communicate to each other and say no if one of us do not think it is a good idea to go forward with a purchase.

This allows us to not make a quick bad decision.

We all have temptations around us, but how we avoid them is up to us. Whether you talk yourself out of it or you have someone else talk you out of it is a key step. Removing yourself from certain situations will also help you as well. If you show your heart, keep it simple, rest, make it a great day, turn off electronics, and the one click buy button you will help yourself to avoid the temptations and keep your money journey on track.

You can do it. These tips just help you along the way. Do not try to do them all at once, but one by one they will help. Cheers and remember we are small, but our God is big and he makes a way for us all!

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