How We Still Manage To Go Out to Eat and Stay Within Budget

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It is easy to go out to eat and blow the budget.  I know, we have been there and done that!  You say, we will just figure it out, and well the end of the month goes by and you do not close out your budget because your nervous to find out how much you actually spent on eating out.  Once you try these tips though, you will help yourself from those moments of pain.  It will take it away…well for the most part! 

1. Fetch Rewards points

Try this app.  I know another app it probably what you’re thinking.  However, it helps us go out to eat and all we do is scan our receipts!  We do not buy anything extra or anything!  Points add up! We earn points and chose to go to BWW for a $25 giftcard, by scanning our receipts, and then we went during happy hour to get discounted drinks plus ½ apps.  Our bill was a total of $18 bucks PLUS we left a $10 cash tip for the server! Let me tell you – believe it! It is AMAZING!

We will even give you our code, so you can earn $2 on us!  Code: HFM23 aka (Holy Free Maloney 23)

2. Happy Hour

Yes, happy hour is still a thing even though the pandemic happened.  This is one hack we learned in college, and still take it with us to this day.  We look up happy hour deals on google to find places to eat.  We live in a city, so finding happy hour is quite easy.  I am sure it will be easier than you think!  Rather than spending $50 on dinner, try it and spend $30! 

Saves you $20 to go to another money goal!

3. Mailer Coupons

You get those coupons in the mail… do not throw them out.  Keep them in your cabinet to use when you just do not feel like cooking. 

Our favorite Mexican restaurant gives us mailer coupons and it keeps us coming back, but it also saves us money when we go out to eat.  We usually spend $40 with two beverages and two meals, and so it cuts it down by atleast $7.  Usually when we do get the discount we put it towards the server and bless them even more! So it doesn’t necessarily save us in the long run, but it is BLESSING someone else and that is the way to keep the giving going awhile still enjoying ourselves on a night out. 

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4. Weekdays

Yes, everyone goes out during the weekend, but try this hack to save a little more and just get out of the house! 

We love to go to Texas Roadhouse during the weekday because we both love a good steak, but do not want to necessarily pay the price of the steak on the weekend.  When we go to Texas Roadhouse, we always go out to eat on Wednesday to get their $9.99 sirloin meal. Rather than spending $75 on a weekend, plus having to wait in the line.  We call ahead on Wednesday, and spend only $50 with an extra good tip! 

5. T-Mobile Tuesday

Yes, you will love this if your phone carrier is T-Mobile.  Download their app and download their T-Mobile Tuesday app.  They give out great deals on it for you! 

I’ve gotten FREE coffee before for several weeks from them! 

T-Mobile Tuesday always has good deals for restaurants that help us save money and allow us to get a deal on going out to eat!  A couple of weeks ago, we got a deal on local pizza.  We love pizza deals because this is how we do our budget nights and make it fun! 

Hope you learned some great hacks for your going out to eat budget because believe me.  We always have to enjoy our life that we have, and we can still reach out money goals!  

Whether you are good at finding deals while going out to eat or you need to work on it, like the post to help out a friend.  We all need some fun in our lives!

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