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How to avoid the temptations of life when managing your money

Ever feel the way that you want something so bad and just cannot wait to buy it? Or ever feel that your neighbor has everything you want from your kid doing some educational thing to the new car they bought or couch? Ever feel like life is just throwing everything at you and it is causing you off course of your goals? If this is yes for you, we have just what you need here!

5 Ways to Build Your Credit Score

Do you want to learn how to increase and build your credit score, but don’t know exactly where to start?  I have some realistic and practical ways for you to do it.  I am living proof you can raise your credit score.  I have done it. I have helped people do it and I want to show you through stories to help you know you can build your credit too for your next big purchase whether it is a home or a second home. 

How we got a FREE flight to go home with our Credit Card!

Teach your children how to use Credit Cards correctly. I can proudly tell you my father taught me how to use a credit card correctly.  He advised me to only put one expense on my credit card while I was in college.  I used my first… Continue Reading “How we got a FREE flight to go home with our Credit Card!”

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