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10 Road Tripping Hacks to Save Money!

Summer traveling is right around the corner. I get it you want to travel even when the economy is not ideal and the inflation is high. How do we do it? Let’s learn how we save money traveling and how you can do it too!

50 Frugal Or Free Things To Do!

Want to reach your goal faster? During our debt free journey and now onto our FIRE journey (Financial Independence Retirement Early), we have learned so many ways to cut cost on entertainment and enjoy our life. We want to share with you 50 of our favorites and hope that they will help you on your journey too.

How we got a FREE flight to go home with our Credit Card!

Teach your children how to use Credit Cards correctly. I can proudly tell you my father taught me how to use a credit card correctly.  He advised me to only put one expense on my credit card while I was in college.  I used my first… Continue Reading “How we got a FREE flight to go home with our Credit Card!”

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