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3 Ways to Adjust Your Meal Menu to Adjust to Inflation and a Higher Cost of Living.

Most people have only been hit by one of these items, but if you are like us.  We moved from the east coast to the west coast this year.  We have been hit by both inflation and a higher cost of living, but I am not allowing it to affect my attitude.  Okay, maybe for about two months and then I realized I am going back to what I know and getting the best deals I know how from my real experience from working in grocery retail for 10 + years.

2 Year ANNIVERSARY of Living Tiny — We STILL LOVE IT!

We want to share with you something that is not common in the United States, but is growing more and more popular – tiny living.  We took the plunge and wanted to live our dream early rather than waiting until we were 65 years old. As I am writing this, well a little late, but our 2 year anniversary of tiny living has passed us up and we are excited that we have made huge financial moves too. Cheers to our 2 years anniversary of living tiny! We share how living tiny has helped us financially, and living tiny could help you too! Let us show you what we have done to hopefully inspire you too!

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