5 Morning Routines for Success!!

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Have you ever met that one person who always has a smile on their face even when they are having a bad day? The world may have fell down around them, and they still find the positivity out of it. Many people tell me that this is me.  I am the best me all the time.  I strive to be happy every single moment.  I am the one who was in a financial mess and still lived on a sweet budget. I want to show you how to clear your financial mess and be happy with 5 morning routines for success!

Turn Positive Thoughts On

Before stepping out of bed, tell yourself it is going to be a great day! 

This is very important! 

If you do not do this the devil is going to ruin your day.  Let me show you what may happen…maybe your cup of coffee spills down your new shirt, you burn your hand on your straightener or you get stuck in traffic to find out you miss an important meeting.  Or maybe your baby wakes up cranky and you are continuing to have a downward spiral of meltdowns.

My spouse felt like he was just stuck in his career at one point, and could not move to another role or do anything more in his career. Have you ever felt like this?  I am sure you have; everyone has at one point in their life.   Let me show you what happens when you tell yourself it is going to be a great day! 

Try this for 7 days…

Sing before getting out of bed, “It’s a great day to be alive when the sun still shining and I close my eyes.” by Travis Tritt. Let me tell you a little secret! You do not have to be good at singing. Talk yourself through it.  “It’s a great day to be alive when the sun still shining and I close my eyes.”  And again. “It’s a great day…” after a few days you will see a difference at work, in life, in your financial world, and be happier.

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 Truth was my spouse was about $700 away from paying off his 10 year loan in only 7 months. When he turned his thinking around to positive thoughts and by using the tools and resources and we provide them for you too! He has started seeing a difference in his job – he started TWO DAYS later in another location in multiple stores training people rather than in one store. It is a lateral move, but lateral moves help you move up. 

How would you feel if you left your financial debt behind you because you started your day with positive thoughts and using helpful resources? Think about it — you can do it!

Read Daily Devotional

I don’t know about you, but I needed somewhere to go when I felt like the world was crushing down on me. When I felt like I just wanted to cry and nothing would get better.  This is when I found and turned to reading a daily devotional from Joyce Meyer every day. The first one I read was New Day, New You by Joyce Meye. 

Joyce Meyer

This began building my relationship with God.  I go to him even when I don’t know what to say and say out loud, “Please, help me.”  In Matthew 11:28 Jesus said, “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden and overburdened, and I will cause you to rest.” This is when I realized joy and peace comes from Him and believing in Him. When I started my tiny seed in believing in God and I casted all my cares onto him.  Casted my entire financial mess on him, and I began to see a financial uplift in my life. I casted my overspending self to him, and my mountain of debt to him too.  

Can I tell you another secret, he wants you to do the same thing!  

I want you to try this for yourself, cast all your cares onto him. 

Here are some examples:

  • I don’t even know where to start with my finances. Help!
  • My company is going through so many changes and I don’t know if I am secured.  Please give me hope.
  • I keep spending my money on XYZ – show me to at least give to another person or organization.
  • I was on track with finances, but want to fully put all the pieces together. Give me wisdom.
  • My husband doesn’t want to get on the program of budgeting with me. Please show me how I can improve to educate, give him wisdom, and desire to want to make a financial difference.  (I learned this the hard way. You cannot change people.  You can only change you – God can change people)

He is strong and can handle it all. Last one,

  • Lord, help me. I don’t know what I am missing. Show me what to do. Help me enter rest. 

Personally, I want you to be happy and I know you can do this through the Lord and by reading a daily devotional. If the Lord has pointed you to us, we love that he works through us. We recommend the Back to Basic course or 1:1 Remote Budget Coaching. We have been through tough times financially and understand the step of faith. We took keep taking big steps of faith for you!

Exercise Your Body.

There is something about going for a walk to let out all emotions released into the air that helps you get your finances in order.  

If I get very scientific on you – it is your endorphins which reduces the perception of worry.  Letting your mind forget about all the finances and start fresh. I know you want to start fresh or you would not have stumbled upon Believe and Budget.


I created a second income with exercise, and it was something I enjoyed doing in that season of life.  I started teaching Jazzercise, a cardio and strength class, I taught 3 to 4 times a week when I was in the middle of debt.  This helped me keep my mind off of spending money and my mind on my health, music, and hanging out with the right friends.  For some reason, I always wanted to budget after my 4 PM Sunday Jazzercise class too.  I told my money where to go then because I had the right mood and was motivated with my endorphins on high! To this day, I still exercise!  I have met some amazing ladies throughout teaching Jazzercise and I love it. 

Be happy and get your sweat on too.  

Find a place you love to work out; don’t just pay somewhere and not go. This is a budget oops many people do. They join a weight watchers program, barre class, or beach body and do not utilize it. Please utilize it if you pay for it.

Daily dose of balanced breakfast. Coffee or Tea!

If your finances aren’t where you wish they were, this will help you get both your food budget in place and a smile from ear to ear.  Eating daily dose of a balanced breakfast is vital in success since it starts your metabolism, helps you burn calories, and gives you energy!  

Be a multi-tasker when making your breakfast. 

Get out the pot, put water in it, crack some salt in it and turn on the heat before you jump in the shower. Once you get out of the shower the water is boiling, place the two eggs in it, and if you have someone else with you do five, three for them and two for you.  Boil them for about 10 min enough time for you to put your clothes on and start doing your routine of getting ready. Then go out to the kitchen, turn off the stove – eggs are done and need to cool and finish cooking. Make the coffee or tea in the Keurig or make a homemade latte. This is a balanced breakfast and perfect for your meal plan.

Meal Planning Kit

Learn the way to make grocery shopping less of a hassle. Find the secrets to turn your pantry items into meals. Dominate grocery shopping and meal planning finally. Take the guessing game out of what’s for dinner. What do you get? Meal Planning Templates you can use over and over again! Cashless Envelopes to get your grocery budget improved! Your Choice of Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly Planning! For less than, $20 you can change your grocery budget for life!


Here is the bonus point of this success:

 This tip helps with staying on budget!!  

As you guys know, Starbucks, was my budget breaker in college, so I invested in a home-made latte maker.  I did not want to go to Starbucks and spend $5 on a latte each day. 

Grocery stores love to have a competitive prices on eggs and therefore you can find eggs for a cheap price usually .99 cent to $1.49 for 18 count. For $2 -$3 a week, you have breakfast rather than $7 when you go through a drive thru. 

Here are other posts to inspire you:
 Write your plan for the day.

Sitting down to write down your plan for the day will start your day off to success and financially success too.  It will make you feel more positive when you get those items done. Plus imagine you are somewhere with a beautiful view like the photo above when you are writing your plans down. It helps you mood!

I love to be able to prevent problems from happening, planning how to solve problems, and how to improve each day.  

My day is the most successful when I see the big picture and write down 3 to 5 items I need to do to help me in the future. For example, in my financial mess, the big picture was becoming debt free to be able to give more to people who need it rather than giving my money to loans and interest.  

If you have credit card debt of $6,000, a car loan of $11,000, student loan debt of $12,500, and a mortgage of $135k, assuming a 5% rate, you would pay $8,500 in interest every year! Now think hard about that. What could you do with $8,500 each year!! Yes, so start writing down like I did.

I wrote down 3 to 5 things I could do weekly (Short Term Goals). We teach this also in our Back to Basic course, so this is just a preview for you today.

  • Only go to Starbucks once a week
  • In the winter, turn down my heat to 65 degrees
  • Drink more water daily to save on both my wallet and my waist
  • Review my bank account to ensure I was going in the right direction

At the beginning, I was the worst at these, but over time it got easier and easier because it became a habit. Every time you are having a “bad” day, stop and see what you have accomplished for the day.  Get back on track to your plan at the beginning of the day or the week.  Jump right back in and do not give up. While having a bad day is possible, it is more achievable to keep a smile on your face when you use these 5 morning routines.  Along with having debt is not fun, but paying down your debt is once you get started! Strive to be debt free because I know you can do it!  

Start with these 5 morning routines that can change your life to the best life!

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