Meet Me!

Welcome Home! I’m Kailey!

I believe in you! You can be happy and clear a financial mess.

Are you tired of being stressed, overwhelmed, and feeling like you never have enough money?

I am glad you are here! Here we provide practical solutions given to you to get you out of a financial mess. Start budgeting, believing in yourself, paying down debt, and most of all motivate you to reach your own personal goals.

I am living proof you can live debt free and still enjoy life. I have paid off $32,000 in debt, bought a car for $18,000 with cash, and given 10% to God during my journey. I live each day with positive thinking and positive actions.  And I know you want to remove the fear of never ending bills, living paycheck to paycheck, and/or just wanting to get on the journey of believing and budgeting in life.

This is Tom, my love, my tiny living sidekick. We met while I was in the middle of my financial journey, and he well was and still is crazy about me. He and I started talking about finances early in our relationship because I wanted a hubby who was willing to be financially stable with me!

My personal routines to continue my success and how I am able to keep going every day.

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