Leave a Legacy

Top Way to Leave A Legacy on Earth!

Focus on your Journey

Every journey is different.

Our purpose in life is to give to our next generation a better life than we are living. We all go through lessons, hard times, barriers, mountains, and valleys.  It shapes our destination on how we react to these moments.  Our path in life is not a perfect straight line like people often see on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and to be honest, we hardly ever post a photo or a message about the valleys of tears in our journey. 

Often, we worry and are scared we are not doing enough on our journey of life.  We constantly compare and judge our success on others achievements. 

During our journey, we have valleys, hard times, and challenges that challenge our faith.   It is called life.

Everyone has a different footprint and has their own strength.

It is how we wait patiently.  To travel on the curve in the road, to get over the mountain, and past it.  It is the courage and boldness you fight to win the battle of the mind that is going 100 mph.  It is all how you react to your situation on how you will get past the challenging road.  Do not believe there are ways to get past the hard time? Well here is some inspiration for you.  I was steered to move across the country with only my little car and the material things that I could fit in it, piled up in student loans, with little money saved up, and without a job.  It was hard to pick and choose the items that meant the most to me –that is true!  Let me tell you I thought it going to be easy to get a job once I moved to the new state but knew this was my next step in life. Then “life happen” began…interview after interview, job application after job application, responses of no’s continuing to come in, and days of weary where I thought to myself why did I get into this mess. Even though I was in this hard time, I realize now I was getting my faith tested. 

How I handled the hard times:

  • Daily walks around the beautiful nature trails
  • Wrote in my journal what I was feeling, how we were going to overcome it, and believing it was going to pass
  • Keeping track of every little dollar I spent
  • Living cheap with roommates – that now I call family!

Living life forward, but looking backwards.

This is what I learned.  

It was a blessing in disguise! 

I was just 25 so I was still under my parent’s insurance, my summer of freedom, and instead of worrying about being jobless. It was important to become a better me and focus on how to not get caught up on the no’s of life. 

My faith led me to a better career path.  Sometimes certain doors we thought would be open; close instantly in our face! 

Remember it is how we react to the valleys that will determine how we leave our legacy of greatness. 

Be confident in yourself!

When trials come about, do you focus on the negative, shut people out of your life, or even get involved with drugs or alcohol?  If you do, let’s think to ourselves.  I do not want you to let us know what you do, but reflect on how you are handling this in your life? Why are you handling the valley this way?  Is it the same way your parents did?  Or did you learn it from the generation before you?  

Are you trusting in faith, whatever you believe in this universe that you will get past this valley? 

Focus on your strengths and what you can do to make a difference.

Even when our world is going through so much right now, the fights, and killings of this world. We are our own worse enemy.  We share this with the next generation.

I want you to become a new you. To be the legacy of great passion, love, and care. To share all the great things life has in stored for us.  Remember we can get past the hard times in our journey with a little faith. Every journey is different, and it is how you react to it that will change your life for the better.

Do not get entangled with how much others are doing such as saving, paying down debt, or getting success after success.  Believe in your journey. 

Leave your own footprint on the earth! 

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