World Pandemic Budget Changes

The World Pandemic is still going on.  Most people thought it would be over by now since it started in March, but sadly it is not.  More and more people are being laid off and 78% of people were already living paycheck to paycheck.  We did not think we would have been in a world pandemic where we were stuck in the house for 3 months.  We did not think we would be in a recession.  We want to share with you a few things that helped us navigate through the pandemic with our money and we know will help you too!  

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We care about you and we want you to be okay with your money!  Enough is enough with this craziness.  We want you to come out on top of this pandemic better with your money!

Change of Income

Before the pandemic, we had Ember so it was a tough decision if I should stay home or go back to work. I always wanted to be a CEO of a company and move my way to the top so being a stay at home mom never crossed my mind until the pandemic hit and I did not want to put my baby in a day care system plus put her at risk for getting the virus.  I felt like it really was my time to leave the company and put my family first even despite of the world going into a recession and changing. 

As many of you probably cannot relate to this exact situation, you can relate to losing your job or not having the same income as you did before. 

We had a change of income for sure!  We left a two-income family home and became a one income family home.  It took a lot of rethinking, changing our habits, and consistent communication about spending. We even put more thought into tracking expenses with our spending tracker

You can purchase it if you had a change of income too and need some guidance.

1. Slimming Budget

When we were not making the same as before we had to slim our budget.  We were used to going out to concerts, festivals, hanging out with friends, going out to eat, and so much more to in our “spending.”  We decided we should also cancel subscriptions even though they are not a huge deal only $12 here and $10 there.  They add up and for us not using them to their full potential we decided to part ways with them.

I am sure you can relate to this.  We cancelled Netflix and we called Amazon Prime to get a $30 credit for not holding up to their piece of the contract of 1 day prime delivery.  We ended up saving $12.99 for 3 months and $30, so slimmed our budget $69 for 3 months.  Now, we can continue life without this extra stuff in life. 

We also called to get discounts on other expenses we had such as our cell phones.  We went from $225 to $202. Savings us $23. You can do this too!  Look for deals!  We only called because we received an email from my husbands work for a $10 credit for each line. And to find out it was an advertisement that was misrepresented and they still gave us the deal without increasing our phone data. 

As I am about getting ready to post this and you are reading this.  We have more slimming on our phone bill as this article is getting posted. We called again about 30 days later in August and slimmed the phone bill from $202 to $144!  How you might be asking?  That is a great question!  I saw another deal, but for another company.  We called AT&T again and spoke to the loyalty department and asked them about the deal for the other company and said, “What can you do for us?” He ended up giving us more data 100 gigs instead of 22 gigs at a cheaper price than we were paying plus added a co-vid 6 months deal.  We are saving $81 per month from our original $225 bill, which is $639 savings for 6 months! Then what we did was placed a reminder in 6 months to revisit it to ensure it does not go back up. 

Gas even changed and food too! 

If this sounds like you could use this kind of slimming your budget hack and fine tuning your budget, message us!  We will help you!

Bullet Journal Budget Template

Easy way to budget. Each month you can view where you need to cut out your spend a little category. Start small like we did by cutting out one or two subscriptions to save for a baby fund of 10k! You can do it too with the Bullet Journal Budget Template!


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2. Different Look on Dates Nights

Date nights used to look like going out during the week, because let me tell you we still went to happy hour and found deals for date night.  But these date nights turned differently.

They ended up being more budget date nights, meal planning date nights, movie date nights in, picnics at the park, walks around new trails, and you know what….they were all frugal!

You can do this too!  Even now that we are out of quarantine!  You can make your date nights look differently since we have broken the habit of going out to eat.  Remember creating a habit takes 90 days and you have created it already! Do not go back.  Create your date nights in and be frugal!

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3. Vacation Passport

These looked different for us too!  We always planned vacations each month to go somewhere with our tiny home.  Since RV parks were closed and not taking guest we had to think outside of the box for vacations and travel differently.  We decided to travel to see family so they could meet Ember.

You could pry think about making your vacations different then you used to too!  If you were used to traveling abroad, try seeing the land around you in the states.  Or if you were used to flying to an amusement park, try to take a hike or see adventure this way.

The thing is maybe you don’t feel safe at traveling on vacation at all and that is okay!  We respect your decision.  Save up for your next vacation to create a new habit of a vacation sinking fund. 

Try using our yearly Bullet Journal Budget Tracker to save up for your next vacation.

Yearly Bullet Journal Budget Tracker

Perfect for prepping for the new year and starting today! What do you get? * 12 months of tracking your budget * 12 spending trackers * 12 bullet budget journals * a yearly summary to refer back to during tax season * a yearly summary to see your progress * How we successfully budget each month to build wealth


When we do not expect these budget changes that can come up to us as a stressful situation, which makes it easier for someone outside in to look at it to make it less stressful.  You need help? Reach out to us!

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