The Importance of Taking Action With your Money if you are a Women!

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The “Mom Recession” in 2020 was real. I am here to admit that I am a part of this group, and left my job to be a stay at home mom with my 3 months old baby.  She is now over a year and I will have to say I am so glad I took action with my money when I did when I was younger to be able to make our family be in a situation to be able to afford to do this. Let me show you these important action items to do with your money if you are a women, and well if you’re a man most likely you are already doing these things. 

The importance of taking action with your money if you are a women!

1. Network

It is so important to know people. Love people. Be kind to people. You never know when you will need someone to be there for you when you are in a time of need. I can relate to this.  I was able to move across the country without a job because I networked.  I found a family I love and can call my family too!  I was able to receive a promotion because someone knew someone who could get my foot in the door and could say that I am “worth the risk” even though I am young.

To this day, you need to network to protect your progress of moving up in the world.

“After Job had prayed for his three friends, the Lord made Job twice as rich as he had been before.” – Job 42:10

2. Always Ask for a Pay Increase

People in general are afraid to ask for pay raises or a larger income at time of negotiation.  But for you women I am talking to, if you do not ask. You will never receive! Just as the bible has told us so.

“Ask me, and I will do whatever you ask…” – John 14:13

Please ask!  I learned this in my first job I took out of college.  I was able to negotiate pay and they increased my salary!  You can do it too! 

Even if they offered you a really good salary and you are shocked and happy with it. Always ask because you deserve it!

3. Talk about Money with your Girlfriends

You are going out for a girl night dinner or for a girls night out, talk about money!  It is not taboo to talk about.  My friends totally know me as someone who loves to budget, they come to me for money advice, I am open to them, and they feel comfortable to come and talk to me.  Of course, you cannot judge them because that’s not what Jesus would do to you.  Be more like Jesus is why we are here. Yes, I am not saying we mess up and judge. We do, but more than likely you will be wrong if you judged them. 

You will be doing your friends a favor if you open up and talk about money!! It might not be natural at the beginning, but it will become more and more natural.  It is good to grow yourself, plus it is never good to do things that maybe they cannot afford. But your friends want to join you because you asked. If you know more about their money story, you can offer things like coming over to have dinner or having dinner at their place. This is fun too you know!  Covid19 taught us this! 

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4. It is okay to have failures of money

No one is perfect! We all make mistakes, and money failures happen to us all.  This is the learning part of life, and that is okay. I learn a lot from my older sisters money failures and my parents money failures so I am thankful they took the hard path so I did not.  However, I even have had money failures!  I was the one girl who spent way too much at Starbucks Coffee in College.  I took out student loans. I bought things I should not have. Yes, I went back into debt after getting out of debt. I paid way too much for an apartment because I could “afford” to and the lifestyle “creep” happened to me!

I fully believed I have been put in certain money failures, so I have the experience to teach other people how to avoid the money failures like I did. You can learn through me, and help your own finances.

People often tell me that they love that I teach through my experience of money, and so if you have been looking for a budget coach or even if you haven’t been and you think now is a good time to set up a budget coaching session. DO IT because it is the BEST time to do it! You will receive so much fruit from my own experience! You will learn something that you will always remember!

5. Do not be afraid of investing 

The stock market is not scary.  It is only scary if you are investing for a short term and you take out money when the market is down. There are several times where the market was down. We experienced it in 2021 and I remember it, but many people remember the other times like in 2001 and 2008. Some stock market crashes were more than a month, so in these areas you must be careful. You must be mindful of your emotions and do not act on emotions. I read this book the other week that was so good and it was called, “Dumb Things Smart People Do With Their Money.” by Jill Schlesinger. It talked about not playing the market or timing the market.

Do research about investing and learn about it. I do not know much about bitcoin, so I do not invest in it. However, I have been learning more and more about it and sometimes you must just take a little leap and invest money that you will not miss to see how it works for yourself.

Overall, lady I am glad you made it through all 5 points. I know you will benefit from these 5 things to take action on. I have told you these things to make you as completely happy as I am. These have benefited my life in a positive way and I know they will yours too!

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