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The Importance of Taking Action With your Money if you are a Women!

The “Mom Recession” in 2020 was real. I am here to admit that I am a part of this group, and left my job to be a stay at home mom with my 3 months old baby.  She is now over a year and I will have to say I am so glad I took action with my money when I did when I was younger to be able to make our family be in a situation to be able to afford to do this. Let me show you these important action items to do with your money if you are a women, and well if you’re a man most likely you are already doing these things. 

How to Manage a Cashless Lifestyle

Need a cashless budgeting system that will be the 2020 decade budgeting method with more touchless payment methods and debit cards. Keeping germs away with using cashless budgeting! Cash will it be a thing of the past like Checks…we can thank Covid-19. We want to share with you two apps that will help you cashless budget and of course our yearly bullet budget journal. We will let you determine which is better to budget with as a cashless budget. It will be your strategic thinking for the week.

How to move away from the bigger, better, and more lifestyle.

It is hard. It will take time.  It will take time just like sleep training a baby, which we are in the process right now in our household.  It is exhausting… but we can do it. It is horrible letting her cry in a less than 300 sq ft home, but I know we can do it.  I continue to pray for help and remember that the Lord has given me a baby and he will deliver me in this time of trouble. Lucky, we made it with only 3 rough days and I’m here to tell you you can do succeed too!

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