How to move away from the bigger, better, and more lifestyle.

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It is hard. It will take time.  It will take time just like sleep training a baby, which we are in the process right now in our household.  It is exhausting… but we can do it. It is horrible letting her cry in a less than 300 sq ft home, but I know we can do it.  I continue to pray for help and remember that the Lord has given me a baby and he will deliver me in this time of trouble. Lucky, we made it with only 3 rough days and I’m here to tell you you can do succeed too!

1. Delay Gratification

It is easy to see something and want it right away. Our world makes this easy because of financing.  Our world wants to you want things right away and “buy” it now.  Amazon has even made this so easy with one click away. If you get caught in this trap try to do this.  It has helped me personally.  I place anything I want in my shopping cart.  After a few days, I review my shopping cart and see if anything I really want or need. Most of the time it is nothing that I want anymore and to see what I put in my cart a few years later is funny.

Like a few years ago, I lived in my apartment and I wanted a hairdryer holder off of amazon and put it in my cart. Looking at it now, it probably would have been given away to good will and I do not need it living tiny.  Glad my little sister taught me this delayed gratification trick. 

Another cool thing about this delayed gratification trick is most of the time they send a coupon to you saying, “Don’t forget to buy!  Here is a coupon for you!” 

2. Be content

This is hard to do and I am learning this right along with you. There is always more we want, I want, but learning to be content with what we have around us is important.

Take some time to breathe deep and think about what you are most happy about in your life.  What are you proud of? When are you the happiest? Who can help you in your life to be content? Maybe your friend, your spouse, or a neighbor?

Look at what you have. 

I remind myself daily.  I have a Lord who loves me.  My spouse is so supportive and does what he can for our family.  My child is a blessing to our family that allowed me to stay at home with her and start sharing my passion of budgeting with you and motivating you to manage your money better. Want to set up a one on one session with me?  Let’s do it!

We also have fresh water to drink, food to eat, a home over our head, family that comes and visits us, and we are able to go outside and enjoy fresh air most weeks.  Even though we live tiny, we have everything we need right around us and God who continues to bless us with miracles.

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3. Believe in yourself

You can be successful.  You are honorable.  You will glorify him.  I am telling you this because often people can find your talents before you notice them yourself.  This is so true.

My husband is the one who motivated me to help others with their money because I have always been pretty mature with my money.  I paid off $32k worth of student loan debt. I paid for a car with cash.  Saved up enough money for our wedding and our baby fund.  We paid for another SUV with cash, and right now we are working on being debt free as a couple. We will be debt free again in 2021!  We will stay out of debt too!

If you are on your money journey too, we believe in you too!  You are strong! You should not fear, because God is with you.  He will hold your hand to help you out of debt.  Believe in yourself.  Tell yourself daily what you are going to do.

4. Find joy with what is around you

What is joy to you? A feeling of pleasure. A feeling of happiness. Bringing you good cheer. 

When are you the happiest? 

For me personally, it is when I have my quiet time.  It is when we are walking in nature as a family.  It is when my husband fills my love tank.  It is when I know God is with me in both the valley and the mountain top.

For you, you have to find your path to bring you happiness.  Find a journal. Get into deep thought about what it is that brings your that happiness. 

“You make known to me the path of life; in your presences there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” – Psalm 16:11

5. Prep yourself

Do not go just one day decide I am going to start getting myself away from the bigger, better, and more lifestyle in one day, but prep yourself.  

Meditate on it.  Communicate about it. Write in your journal about it.

You need help around you to do it.  You will need people around you to remind youself that you can get yourself out of the mess you might be in.

Maybe you have too big of a home and it does not really make you happy.  Maybe you have so many cars or cars that cost too much and are causing you stress.  Maybe you have so much stuff that does not bring you joy.  Find out what you want to move out of your lifestyle.

Write it down to yourself and then talk to someone else about it. 

You got it!

Just like sleep training you cannot do it yourself.  Your partner will have to be patient with you.  Your partner and you need to be on the same page.  You need to believe in yourself and prep yourself.  You got this.  God made us to be good parents and teach our children to sleep by themselves.  God made you to be content with your lifestyle and live belong your means.  He does not want you to be caught in the bigger, better, more lifestyle. 

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