Positive Thoughts Achieves Positive Actions

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We all want the life of someone else, the body of someone else, and the money someone else has to be happy in life, but what if I were to tell you it is not about all the materialistic things, and the Pinteresting, the Instastory, or the Facebook post.  We all want a life to pass down to the next generation and our children.

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The funny thing is why we budget is just as important as our thoughts and actions we have in life to have a financially stable journey.  We want to have a life where everything goes the way we want it to feel a sense of pride and worth in life, which is not what the good Lord wants. He wants us to be humble and kind and loving. Us as humans fill our minds with so much negativity and it builds and builds until we explode and have to spend money on counseling to get us fixed.

What if I told you there is an easier way to do this, a non-expensive way to do this to help our lives including our loved ones, our closest friends, or someone who just needs you as a listening ear.

…it is having positive thoughts to achieve positive actions. 

The life journey is not an easy journey…it includes people, money, and society in itself.  We can overcome that with our thoughts.  I challenge myself to wake up from bed NOT thinking, “Ughhh, I have to go to work.” Or “Is it Friday yet?”, but thinking things like this…

“It is going to be a great day!  I am going to do something through me to positively influence someone else today! We are going to make this day a day I remember my entire life.” 

Or even…

“I know I have this meeting today; it is not going to cause me struggle, but it is going to gain me confidence and success!” 

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[[ It is starting and training our brain to think positively now]]


With the generation we have to influence, you have values and those values need to be positive for our world to get better. When my sister had her first baby girl, she would not allow us to say things like, “Ahhh, she is a cubby baby.” or “She is so big.”  


Because this effects the babies mind at a young age. This generation is influenced all the way from when they get out of the mom’s womb.  Instead we started to feed her with positive words, such as “Ahh, she is so cute!,” “I love her cheeks!,” and “She is beautiful.” 

We influence more people than we think we do…starting today and changing our thoughts can influence so many people who matter the most to us.

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On my financial journey, I started to fill my mind every day with positive thoughts, which then made me achieve my positive actions of being debt free and even with a successful career.  I remember telling myself on hard days, on days, that I wanted to quit because I did not have a job when I decided to move all the way across the country.  Positive words that I came across in my journal were, “I am going to get through this step of life and enjoy this time not having money coming in.” “Life is a journey and I need to enjoy.” “Casting all my cares.” “The career I am supposed to start will come when it is ready.” “Bring me favor!”

Now looking back, I am so lucky… my career I thought about every day, every positive thought has now come true. Worked at Kroger and have moved two additional times with huge financial benefits, which is a piece to my puzzle that led me to being debt free.

Remember, during this life journey or if you are on this debt free journey, we want to be remembered as a legacy.  This is why we need to be remembered as a positive influencer and not filling our mind with negativity.  No matter what you believe in, or how you got to where you are. Your positive thoughts and actions play apart in your life! People want positivity in their life and not people who bring them down.

What kinds of things do you tell yourself in the morning that is positive?  

How has it influenced your life?  

Have you written down any of our thoughts in a journal?

Let me know if you believe in having positive thoughts achieves positive actions.

Share. Love. Gain Confidence.

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