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10 Things To Do Differently With Your Money This Year!

ou want to eliminate something that you did in 2021 because obviously if you are here you want to improve something in your life in 2022.  Maybe, you want to improve your finances for 2022. Let’s load your mind with 10 things to do differently in 2022 with your money. 

10 Ways We Grew Our Net Worth by $99,000 in a Year with One Income and then Zero Income!

If you want to grow your net worth, but don’t know how I would stick around and read below.  It is pretty incredible feeling to be able to live off a small income and then zero income.  We went from being a family that made $150,000 per year for a year to a family who made $60,000 to a family who made had zero income.  We downsized our life and traveled the country and still grew our net worth by $99,000 in 2021. We want to show you 10 ways we grew our net worth so it can inspire you too!

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