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Budget Ready, but I am still failing at my budget

Ever spend all weekend getting your budget ready for the new month, only to have it all fall apart again by day 3 of the month? The realness is that if you are struggle to keep your budget together, there is likely many things coming against you. Here are the 5 biggest reasons you cannot stay on budget (and what to do about them!)

How to Organize your Budget Emotionally

Do you feel like your emotions get the best of you and adding money on top of it does not help? Emotions happen everyday and it is a choice to either live negatively or live positively. We do not want money to cause you stress, anxiety, worry, or feeling like you will never win. However, when you are on the journey of life there is always a beginning, middle, and end. The beginning is so exciting. The middle takes faith and patience and sometimes it is hard, which is why these tips will help you even in the middle. And of course the end is exciting too! We are going to help you with your finances and emotions with ten tips! These have helped us feel more uplifted in the darkest times with money and know they will help you as well!

How to Stop Emotional Shopping

If you have an online shopping addiction, we have just what you need here.  There comes a point when you are just shopping out of emotion.  The feelings of depression, where you think you are broken, and you are in so much fear. You might just be swiping your card because it “makes you” feel better.  You feel like you cannot turn this around so lets just keep going. But let us share with you some hacks we have had clients tell us work when they are in a spiral of shopping addiction.

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