How to Organize your Budget Emotionally

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Write these down because you will want to remember them, and we want to help you! 

Do you feel like your emotions get the best of you and adding money on top of it does not help? Emotions happen everyday and it is a choice to either live negatively or live positively. We do not want money to cause you stress, anxiety, worry, or feeling like you will never win. However, when you are on the journey of life there is always a beginning, middle, and end. The beginning is so exciting, and everyone celebrates you. The middle takes faith, patience, and sometimes it is hard, which is why these tips will help you even in the middle. And of course the end is exciting too! We are going to help you with your finances and emotions with ten tips to organize your budget emotionally! These have helped us feel more uplifted in the darkest times with money and know they will help you as well!

1. Small Changes

Small changes help you deep dive into big goals.

We would never recommend cutting out something 100% well unless you experienced the pandemic and the world of 2020 and you were quarantined.  During that time, we had to completely cut out eating out and going anywhere! Everything was closed expect grocery stores and the essential businesses. You were on lock down and stayed at home, which bam really helped your budget!  With everything closed down, people had different expenses for a few months such as buying higher speed internet, more food at the grocery store because everyone is at home and people were mindless eating!  But you are not in 2020 right now, and you will and can make small changes.

Have no fear!

Small changes!

You can do it.

Small changes make you feel better emotionally.

Just like when you change your diet.  Not eating fast food for a month helps you feel better.  Working out helps you feel better.  Organizing your kitchen makes you want to cook at home. Same thing with budgeting.

Small changes for your budget would be like starting a $5 automatic transfer from checking to savings. This is mindless and you set it up once and it makes you feel good! Then when you check that account you feel good because hey “I saved $260 a year without even doing anything!”  I bet you would not notice the $5 either so win-win emotionally! We talk more about setting up automatic savings in debt free skills you need to know.

Another one is increasing a percentage or two in your 401k with your employer.  

This is a small change.

You won’t notice it out of your paycheck really.  This small change makes a game changer in your future when you are not working. You will think later in life — yes!

I am financially prepared to retire!

2. Change your Focus

Changing your focus.  You do not like to talk about budgets?  That is okay. You do not have to. Focus on meal planning and making a grocery list.

Meal planning automatically, I swear on this helps you do three things.  Spend less, lose weight, and feel better! 

Want help with beating inflation with your groceries? Join us here.

Try it for a few weeks! 

Want to stop spending out of emotions? Turn to exercising outside at a park. Go to enjoy a lake. Go to have a cup of homemade coffee and take it to the park. This helps you in three ways too. Spend less, breathe/meditate, and feel better!

3. See your Finish Line

Just like running a race. You need to see your goals.  Write them down because you usually write down goals when you feel good.  And let me tell you sometimes that goal is miles away. You need to remind yourself where your finish line is. 

Write it down!  Do not lose it. Reach your goals.

Dang! You got it. You are almost there.

We write down goals all the times and when we need a lift me up because we are feeling down or the budget is not going our way.  We take out our goals and bammmmm we are almost to our networth goal for the year OR we paid cash for this, this, and this! We reached something on our list and it makes your feelings go from “I cannot do this” I feel anxiety.””I feel overwhelmed” to “dang, I am making progress!” “I am doing good!” “I feel better.”

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4. Do not make a perfect budget (there is no such thing)

Yes, I said it. Do not make it a perfect budget.  Throw those expectations out girl or… dude! 

Budgets get messed up.  If you are a perfectionist.  This is for you! It is okay to change the budget! It is good to move categories around. 

A budget can be 100% failure for a month and then you can pick it up the next month or week. You want it to be a fluke once or twice but try not to let it happen more than 3 times.  Because the third time is a habit and that needs a change. 

So do with what you have and make a budget.  Write down what you want to pay yourself first.  (Hint: this is a millionaire mindset) Yes, pay you! Pay yourself because you worked to darn hard for that money.  

Do not let that money pass you by! 

Plus it will make you feel on top of the world later on! 

5. Goal to get to mindless budgeting

Mindless budgeting is the key.  

Where you know all your bills because you have and it is very few of them.  

Your savings is automatic, which means each week, biweekly, and/or monthly the money comes from your paycheck straight to your savings, 401k, retirement accounts to save.   

This makes you feel satisfaction and accomplishment because you can still live life and not matter about every single dollar. You save even more by driving in auto drive and mindless. 

6. Season do change and that’s okay!

Seasons from childhood to your first job, from your first job to college to your first “big kid” job, then to on your own adulthood to being married, to married with kids from the kids out of the house.  

These season are meant to happen it is the journey.  

It is a new life.

It is what we believe the “dream” is and you know what money will change with it.  

Your budget will need to change with your life. 

I remember the moment when I went from student loan debt to debt free adulthood.  It was the most exciting experience ever!!! The feeling was astounding!

I still budgeted every single dollar, but it was mostly on auto drive.  I did not have many bills and I lived in the city where I could walk to everywhere and I paid $1200 per month for rent for a 1 bedroom 1 bath that was like a studio! WOW!  When I transformed from college student sophomore year to senior year I was living at my own apartment for $600 and thought that was expensive.  Little did I know! I am sure you have had the same thoughts in your life.  

You learn from them and do not let the lifestyle creep happen to you.  

Now from adulthood to married with kids, we will tiny in an RV.  Paying $360 for rent on property.  Why because we want to travel and live for adventure.  

Remember the seasons change, you want different things, and that’s okay!  

There is no distance too far especially with God on your side!

Keep going!

You matter.

Your season does not define you.  

Season can also be like this…

Debt pile. Foreclosure. Credit card debt. Debt free. Divorce. Debt pile. Bankruptcy. Debt free.

It happens to people, but it does not have to happen.  

You make your seasons happen.

You pray and God will make them happen.

Seasons will change. Say, “I have nothing to lose because God is always with me.”  “I am giving my all to him and he will always provide.”

Be positive in your season.  Feel good by relying on God on each season. In the shattered season and the picture perfect season. 

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7. Start with one small easy goals

Start over.

Step into one small easy goal.  We had to do this to when I went from rising high on my own to having a family. It is alright. I love my life and the people God has surrounded me with.

Look at what you have around you.  If you need to step back.  Do it!

You do not live where you used to be. You are not there in the sunshine season anymore.

Find love. Find grace. Find peace.  In this moment, start with one small goal. 

Whether money or fitness or family.  Money start with just getting your budget started by writing down your expenses. Fitness start by going and walking at lunch time around the neighborhood.  Family start with you first.  Understand you. Love you.  Then go to the next step! If it is faith, get yourself a devotional or my favorite is Joyce Meyer online.  She has a daily devotional every day. 

8. Easy meal planning – it can save your grocery budget

Just like our budget.  We sit down as a family and decide what we are going to eat for the week.  What we have going on for the week.  We work as a team together.  

Our meal planning can be as easy as meals that do not take very long for you. Tacos, Spaghetti, Rice Bowls, Beans and Rice, etc. These are frugal too and will help you lose weight too.  I went from 170 to 135 by meal planning and not going out to eat. Look and feel good plus save money!  

Touch down!

9. Make savings accounts for known expenses sets you up for success

These are called sinking funds in the #debtfreecommunity.  

These are mindless.  

It is easier for me to pay 6 months for service than each month.  I love watching my savings increase rather than paying a bill each month.  Take advantage of it for your brain. 

We do this with our car insurance, taxes, certain fees, amazon prime, etc. 

This way you do not dread opening the mail.  You feel less anxiety because you don’t know what bill will be coming. 

If you did paperless billing, which is popular.  You do not get stuck with a late fee. This will give you a feeling of satisfaction. It will show you promotion in your life.

10. Talk it out with your spouse

Get it all out on the table. 

Start it off with a dream. 

Do not have surprises. 

Be open. Be a team. 

Know each other’s credit score. As the mortgage lender told us, “the wife always likes to be better than their spouse”. But we think it’s better to be both excellent! It does not really matter about the score unless you want to take out more debt.  

Remember we are trying to get out of the habit of taking on more debt.  We are trying to gain debt free freedom! A freedom of financial independence. One mistake can break your success, so be sure you know what your team is doing.

Sometimes when you are off your game. Your spouse is on their game! It helps you progress.

Not married? That’s okay — check out this blog post.

Feel a wealth worthy.  

Be the light.

Feel the amazingness.

We hope you feel encouraged and better than you did before about your money because remember you can be set free.  You just need God on your side.  Look at how far you’ve come.  Tell yourself positive money talk. Tell yourself and your family that you can do it! The journey of life happens with a beginning, middle, and end. Keep fighting in the middle because you will financially be free and feel better!

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