5 Ways to Shoot for Progress

  1. Write down your expenses weekly.

To shoot for progress in your finances, write down your expenses weekly.  This will give you a great guide on where your money is already going. It is a roadmap – it is like google maps – you need it on your phone to get from point A to point B and especially in a new city.  We are shooting for progress on our money not perfection!

To get ourselves out of student loan debt of 36k, we wrote down our expenses. 

Personally, I was a Starbucks drinker.  Anyone else? Send some love to me for my mistake and lesson learned.

In college, I spent $300 in a MONTH on coffee at Starbucks!  Yes, I did.  I will admit to it. I used the spending tracker to get myself to calm down on the Starbucks coffee.  The first month I only cut $50, the second month I cut $100, and the third month was down to $100 in my budget (ONLY ONE COFFEE A DAY).  It is not magic – it takes time to break a habit.  

Do you think you could swim like Michael Phelps without practicing every day? Or shoot a hoop and be like 32 like Magic!

Or in high school, when they determined English was going to be in Math Class aka algebra! Let me guess you were a genius and knew A +  B = C and could figure out what B equaled? That was not me sadly!

If you want to change for the better and shoot for progress, don’t miss out on the spending tracker.

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2. Biggest mistake is not starting

A professor once told me, the biggest mistake I could do in my career is by not starting to apply for jobs early in college.  My friend, I thank that professor because now I am in the District office at the job I started at in high school at age 15.  Little did I know, I would be where I am at today.  When you start a little, you will see the growth.  

Money will not rain down to you.  I wish it would, but it will not.   

We wish that money would grow on trees.  My dad always told me it did!

Consider this…

You are NOT the only one who has curled up and cried because you received your student loan bill, the utility bill, the unpaid credit card, the unpaid insurance payment, and don’t forget the doctor bill that was missed last month.  

You are NOT the only one who wanted to hand over all the bills back to Mom and Dad because this adulting thing is hard. You are NOT the only one to say please help me with these bills.  Hand the bills over to them and say, “I wish I could just live back at home with mom and dad.”

Building up wealth is not glamorous.  You have to start though.  Life before Christ has been about money and trading.  It is not going away.

We have made it simple for you to start – download our freebie.

3. Review your expenses.

If it is painful looking over your expenses, and think you should not.  That is not TRUE.

Please, please, please – review them.  Find out where you can improve.  

If I did not look at my expenses in college and kept spending $300 a month on coffee…I would have made Kevin Johnson wealthier then he already is. 

Spent $3,600 on coffee in a year!

If I continued that and did not review my expenses, I would have spent a total of $36,000 hence why I was able to PAY OFF my student loans.

If you do not like looking at your expenses, I can help you.  Reach out to us and I would be more than happy to do this.  

My sister was my accountability in college.  

Early in my career, it was myself and I could have done way better if I had someone else because after debt free life, I was FREE and I spent a lot on stupid material things not of value.

Now, I am lucky to say my other half and I work really well together on our dreams and goals in life. We are living tiny! 

4. It will get easier

Shoot for progress — it does get easier.  

It is like a pioneer right, it used to be hard to get water or food. Now, it is simple we have water or something to drink on every corner and same with food.  There is a McDonalds, Kroger, CVS, and etc. on every street.  Well unless you come from the boonies in Nebraska like I did!

When you build up a little savings account.  It gets easier because you do not feel like everything is going to break down and you have to put it back on a Credit Card or ask mom and dad for money.

But when I say this, you must first build a savings account.  You will probably have to use it because it’s the worlds way of saying…let me put a trial in your life.

Then you go back to square one and build it up again.  Hopefully this time you are set for a few more months, and if life happens again. (which it will) You have that security you need.

5. Create a savings account for you.

In the midst of the storm, you are going to be thankful you did this.  If it feels uncomfortable for you to save, because you spend.  Just know it is good to save a little for you and not just spend it on something.  This is hard for some people, and I know…I felt it when I had to let go of my 3 – 4 cups of coffee a day in college.  The end of the equation is letting go of some of the stress, some of the unknown, the overwhelming piece.  

Start small. Create savings for you! Change the perspective.

If this creates the valley of tears, reach out to me – believeandbudget@gmail.com

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