Learn Why We Don’t Have A Storage Unit

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Oh it feels so good to let go of stuff and love the life that you are living. It feels good to let go of the payment you are paying to keep stuff you might not even use again. You are able to learn through our 4 steps on why we did not have a storage unit and why you should reconsider it too!

1. It’s Just Stuff We Can Replace It

When we began our tiny living adventure both Tom, my husband, and I had our own separate stuff. We had our own treasures — don’t get me wrong. I was living in one bedroom apartment in Richmond, Virginia in high end apartments. My husband was in a 2 bedroom house that he was renting. Overall, we had a few things we needed to get rid of, but the thing is it is just stuff and it can be replaced.

That new couch – replace it.

That TV – replace it.

That dresser – replace it.

2. The Extra Cost Does Not Seem Like A Bill We Want to Pay

When we were first starting this journey of living full-time, we knew that before we set off to travel we would did not want a burden over our heads of a bill. We wanted to be free from all the extra costs except for things like insurance which was protecting us. We wanted to be sure we were protected and that is what insurance does.

A storage unit yes protects your stuff, but stuff you can buy again. I always think you did not bring anything into this world and you cannot take anything out of this world.

Paying for a storage unit meant that we had to have a monthly cost that would cost us more than having to replace all of those items we did not get rid of. Instead we wanted to bless others.

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3. Bless Others

I am a full believe in giving to others and if you follow me for any amount of time you know my story. I have given away many cars and I am humbly grateful that I was in a position to do just that.

When I left my apartment, it took a lot of work to meet up with people on Facebook marketplace. I did sell a lot of things that way like my latte maker, decor, clothes, shoes, etc. But it was so time consuming and people would bail and then you were at ground zero. So instead, I felt in my heart I was to give away the big bulk items in my apartment to the young girl who took over my lease. It felt so good instead. It was a lot easier and joyful for me to be able to bless a young college girl with a full apartment that was just moving to the city and then to keep all of those items or try to sell it for even more through Facebook marketplace or craigslist.

The joy of getting to see her reaction when I said hey do you want to have all of the furniture, TV, bedroom set for $700. She was blown away by my request. I was glad to be able to tell her yes that I was 100% sure I wanted to sell it all for that price.

On earth people think that you will not get repaid for doing acts like this, but when you have faith. God blesses you so much more than what anyone could do to horrid the stuff.

To this day, I get to look back on that moment and think about the joy that she had on her face and that is the main reason why I didn’t want to get a storage unit.

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4. We Didn’t Bring Anything Into This World and We Cannot Take Anything With Us at the End of This World

This saying has stuck with me throughout this tiny living journey because we have literally had nothing. We are the most joyful on this journey.

Yes it does have some hard moments and trials. That is because God is working through us and so when God works through us he will help us through those hardships when the Devil comes and attacks us. You must remain faithful and fly like an eagle, a bird, and know that God will provide each and every grain of sand for a bird. He will provide for us.

When I see storage unites being build, I truly think of it as a way that is what this world is made for. People thought of a way to become richer off of others who buy a bunch of stuff because they were trying to find happiness with stuff.

I will also tell you a little hint that you will not find any more happiness until it is inside of you. You have to find happiness within yourself. Find happiness being in the present. Being happy when you have God and faith on your side.

If you are thinking about getting a storage unit because you have decided to live tiny let me give you this food for thought. If you have not tried to live tiny for six months, try it out first before you get rid of all your stuff. Some people do not make living tiny for a month and they want to move back into their house or where they were living.

We live with less stuff and we are happy without all the stuff. You will be happier too because you will find that you have all the blessings in the world.

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