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For the holidays, we have the Holiday Saving Tracker just for our followers, but today we are going to give this to YOU too just for stopping by to get you on the right track for the holiday! It is never too early or too late! Christmas is one of the top ways people get off on their budget!

“As a new stay at home mom, since the pandemic started, who is balancing money, adventure lifestyle, tiny living, a baby, two dogs, and being an awesome wife, we write to you about our passion of faith and mindset with money to inspire you and motivate you to be better, be stronger, and dig deeper because there is more to life than we have here!” – Kailey

Most recent on our blog:

8 Tips to Help You on your Target Shopping Trips

Target is a very dangerous store for anyone, but especially momma’s. We can go in there and send easily $100+ dollars and then we are like what? How did that happen? I am 99% sure you’ve had this moment in target too. Well I have definitely! I am going to tell you how to avoid and stop yourself from spending over $100 in Target my friend and stop feeling guilty for doing it.

How to move away from the bigger, better, and more lifestyle.

It is hard. It will take time. It will take time just like sleep training a baby, which we are in the process right now in our household. It is exhausting. It is horrible letting her cry in a less than 300 sq ft home. I continue to pray though for help and remember that the Lord has given me a baby and he will deliver me in this time of trouble.

5 Intelligent Reasons You Need To Be Investing!

Ever dream of something so big, but do not know how in the world you are going to get it? What if I told you that if you start investing today, you might not have to work in the future. I can tell you with these 5 ways to start investing you can! Work now and play later instead of playing now and working later. Come join us and find out how!

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