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For the holidays, we come out with this Holiday Saving Tracker just for our followers, but today we are going to give this to YOU too just for stopping by to get you on the right track for this quarantine holiday!

“As a new stay at home mom, since the pandemic started, who is balancing money, adventure lifestyle, tiny living, a baby, two dogs, and being an awesome wife, we write to you about our passion of faith and mindset with money to inspire you and motivate you to be better, be stronger, and dig deeper because there is more to life than we have here!” – Kailey

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10 Shopping finds from our minimal lifestyle.

Are you going to go Black Friday shopping? Is it even a thing this year? The question is real and it is up in the air, but we do have a few of our favorites to share with you! We live tiny, are minimalist, and love to live life outdoors. Let us show you some of our favorites.


Wonder how to avoid paying bank fee? Any kind of fee? Know they are stealing your hardworking money. Let’s dive on into how to avoid fee with 4 simple easy ways!

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