3 Budget Friendly Places to Stay and Adventure in St. George, Utah.

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We love adventuring to state parks because of the trail systems, lakes, and the space from others. These are our three favorite budget friendly places to stay and adventure while we were in St. George, Utah.  They are our favorites for three completely different reasons.  Keep reading to find out the spots to go. 

1. Quail Creek State Park

It is a beautiful quiet state park.

This place is open all season which makes it fun to stay in the fall, winter, early spring, and summer. The sites are both dry camp and water and electric. It is a place to go if you want to cool off by the water, boat, or fish.  

It is a hidden gem for sure.  

We work camped here for 6 months in the winter of 2021- 2022.  We loved it! We had a million-dollar view with volunteering our time and helping the beach look beautiful. 

We got to fly our kites because of how windy it gets there. That is why they call it Hurricane, which is pronounced “hurricun.”

The sunrises were breathe-taking. Plus it was cooler once it hit late afternoon because of the canyon and the sun going behind it. 

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2. Sand Hollow State Park

We loved this park because of the dry camping.  We could dry camp right by the water and this was a huge benefit. The sand is amazing for kids to play in and enjoy the water too. The sunset off the water plus the mountains was relaxing for mom and dad. 

If you are into ATVing, this park is the one to go to. It has so many trails. 

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3. Snow Canyon State Park 

We never stayed at this campground, but we came here often to walk their trails.  Some of our favorites we found were Jenny’s Canyon Trail, Butterfly Trail, and Lava Flow. 

Jenny’s Canyon is a quick, easy trail.  It is great for kids of all ages.  It is also really cool to see a slot canyon.  Butterfly Trail is a little more difficult, but our 2 year old did it anyone can do it.  It has this really cool red rock to climb. The lava flow trail can be part of the butterfly trail and it has caves you can venture in.  Plus the overflow of lava is neat to be able to experience.  We really enjoyed seeing the red rock, white rock, plus the black lava. 

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