Give Today To Receive More Tomorrow!

Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. – 2 Corinthians 9:7

Giving is one of the best feelings you can receive. It is good for the heart.  It allows you to be open, free, and enlightened.  People give to be able to see smiles on others faces, to receive a thank you, or a compliment.   Giving allows a sense of wonder, belief, and faith that the world is going to get better.  If you do not give already, I challenge you to give.  Give a little more than you are giving and watch faith work and multiple your blessings.

People give to feel the gratitude of doing something great for the greater of the world.

The monthly calendar includes an encouraging bible verse in the top corner of each month

We want to be able to give you this budget calendar to encourage you to join the budgeting journey of financial freedom.

As humans, we want to… leave a legacy…. a gift handed down to the next generation.  

We should leave an inheritance for our grandchildren, and especially we should not keep all our wealth to ourselves with things we buy such as a home, a new car, a boat, and all the other toys we have.  Think about it this way, when your grandchildren are grown up, would they be able to mention you and how they received so much from you?  Would they mention the money you left behind for them, or would they mention the life you gave them?  

What we build today little by little, will matter in the future. 

Tom, my husband, was not a believer in giving to the church. He actually was like, why would you give money to them… until a magical love of God happened to him when he went to church with me and he realized the church was doing a Thanksgiving drive and had physical photos of them doing it last year.  He started by giving out of his heart.  

The blessings he has received from giving. He had 3 people offer to buy him things when he forgot his wallet at home.

  1. The truck driver bought him a coffee at Starbucks
  2. A coworker offered to buy him lunch
  3. His employee bought him a smoothie

These amazing blessings we keep track of in our Bullet Journal Budget Tracker to remind us of the His greatness! We have it available in both a reusable printable and a yearly version.

Printable Bullet Journal Budget Tracker

Keep track of your blessings in the bullet journal budget track each month!


“One gives freely, yet grows all the richer… Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.” – Proverbs 11:24 -25

The leaders of the world go the furthest when they give to others.  It grows so much kindness in the world.  As you all know, that the world is a give and take kind of world, but what if you only focused on what you can do as a human.  How you can make a difference in your personal relationships, love life, and community.  

We must GIVE back in order to reap benefits. In every healthy relationship there is a mutual respect of give and take. We can not expect to grow our wealth if we do not invest in the communities we believe in. 

Five reasons to give today:

  1. God will bless others through you
  2. God will bless you
  3. You will feel better giving (time, stuff, or money)
  4. You will be happy!
  5. You will feel gratitude!

If you believe, pin it.

If you start to give even a little, pin it.

If you wish to leave a legacy, like it.

Life is all about the journey. Remember this when you are budgeting. Enjoy the journey and give a little to get a lot of blessings in return.

God is good, and we cannot wait to see the blessings he brings to you through being apart of the believe and budget family.

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