How we spent under 10k for our wedding!

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It’s a girls dream to get married and have a huge wedding that everyone will remember.  It is a dream to have beautiful flowers, good drinks and food, and the décor to be on point!  Oh, can you say the dress…it has to be the best!  How are you going to remember it?  By the photographer, of course! 

Yes, I was there in your same shoes and I can tell you! You can have a wedding under $10,000 and have everyone remember it!

1. Plan 101

First, find out what the most important part of your budget is.  You have to have a plan!  

Personally, my most important part was to remember the special day and I did not want to miss out on the photos.  I also wanted a videographer, but that wish was cut due to the budget. Which will bring us to the next part of the plan.

2. The Budget

What is your budget?  

How much are you wanting to spend on each thing?  Estimate it.  

See if your families are pitching in any money or not. Discuss how you and your future spouse are going to pay for the wedding in cash.  

Do not put one day on a credit card – it will not be worth paying interest for years after.

Having a wedding and want to stay on budget? Get our Wedding Budget Template.

3. Cut cost where they do not matter

Determine where you think it is not a big deal to cut the cost. Our cut the cost was our cake, and we had a friend of ours make it and she even cut the cake and served it for us!  

We also cut the cost on invites, because all of my friends weddings…I through the invitation away, so I did not want to waste money on this. We used a free online invitation for it all and sent a text to all our guests.

Which adds to the easy part, because you already have their phone number! 

4. Find a way to give extra

You will feel good doing this part. 

Yes, it is all of your day, but when you give to others you bless them and it will in the end make you feel better about your day. 

Plus it is amazing to look back and think wow, we actually did this!

What did we give extra on? We gifted to the groomsmen their tuxes, so we paid for all of their rentals as a gift to them. We also paid our officiant a lot more than he asked us for.

Looking back we are glad we were able to do this! It feels amazing!

5. Do the décor yourself

You have pinterest.  You probably have pinned your entire wedding online already, so why not make it become a reality yourself?

This was definitely all my husbands doing, but I had the vision and he made it happen.  

We saved money on the décor by buying off of Facebook marketplace, asked friends for old items, and finding coupons!  

6. Flowers – DIY

My husband also had this great idea to do our own flowers and man I am so glad we did!  

It is the BEST memory of the entire week of prepping. We saved a lot on flowers by buying them from a grower and not getting them from a grocery store or a flower shop.

The day before the wedding we put the bouquet together and the boutonnieres.

They turned out gorgeous and people still talk about the flowers to this day!

7. What to be careful of…

These were our most expensive items… my dress, the alterations (which are insane!), the photographer, and the food.

Find out what you want your most expensive items to be and put it in the budget. It will work out in the end — I promise! You will love your day and remember to just enjoy the process!

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8. Ask around for the deals

Which brings me to the food, the food was a hit at our wedding and we discussed food that we had at other peoples wedding and what we liked/disliked.  We both agreed we wanted something fun, so we picked BBQ.  This was what our friend used at their wedding and it was a hit so we used it too.  Plus our friend already did all the leg work and it was a good deal!  

Ask around to friends who have already been married!  They know where the deals are! 

9. Outside or Inside Wedding

When you plan an outside wedding make sure you think of things that are not normally outside.  

We had to add a few extra costs, so seating and a restroom was needed at our wedding because it was outside at a cheap venue.  

The venue you can find a good deal at if you look around and want it outside.  

We did ours at a park and it turned out we were the second wedding at this park!  It was so pretty and only cost us $375 and we budgeted $800!

Saved us some money!

10. Party time savings

Don’t forget about the best part of the wedding which is the dancing.

The DJ and the booze.  

We had luck with the DJ.

I was discussing with others about the wedding and that’s how we found our DJ!  The DJ overheard and gave me his card.  Called him and discussed with my husband and he was reasonable priced and even gave us a discount because of how he overheard us talking.  

The booze we knew our family could drink so we got kegs for a good price and did it this way, and let me tell you they were a hit and we still had some leftover to go to the hotel.

I want to provide you with our numbers below and show you how we did it on paper. 

Bonus point: if you want to plan your own wedding, but do not know where to start and do not want to hire a coordinator.  I follow this amazing friend on Instagram, Sam, where she has a DIY wedding guide!  

I wish I had this for when my husband and I planned our wedding. E-mail us at and we will send you the discount code!

After marriage you will need to get on a budget together too!

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