How Living Tiny Has Played A Key Part In Our Dreams To Live Financially Free!

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Wonder if you can do something as crazy as living tiny to fulfill your dreams to live financially free? You can! Follow these basic principles. Let us show you how we were able to do it even during the pandemic in 2020.

1. Flexibility

Have the flexibility.

Living tiny has given our family flexibility to dream big and be on the path to financial success.

We have had opportunity to be able to have myself be a stay-at-home mom (SAHM).   We started living tiny one month before our wedding in 2019, and had Ember January of 2020.  With a lot of unknowns and Covid19, my spouse told me it would be a good decision to stay home with Ember during my maternity leave.  We did the numbers and digging and decided together we could financially make it happen even paying off our RV early!

This lifestyle has given us the flexibility to say yes to things we also want to do which are … experiences.

Being able to travel and see family every other month gives us happiness.  

This is one thing we have learned by reading I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi. 1. Flexibility

2. Leaving A Legacy

Leave something on this earth that is more than you. What will you be remembered for?

My grandpa will always be remembered as a tough, hard on the edges, but soft in the inside dog trainer.

For us, it is family. This is the biggest part of our lives as we believe nothing can break up a family especially if you have your finances in a good stand.

We want to leave Ember and Rivlynn with memories and not of things or material things. Sorry, dad it is more than all the junk in the storage units. The joy to see them when we go on our hikes is breathe taking.  

The other day we were driving up the mountain and to see her excitement and her say, “yayayyaya!” makes so much joy within us! Now, watching her grow with Rivlynn make it even better.

Living tiny allows us to just push a button and slide in our slide-outs and go on a budget

3. Sacrifices

You might not be a sacrifice kind of person, but what if it is just for a moment of time to get ahead. It maybe a full-time job for a little bit but not forever. Well unless you keep getting yourself in debt, and living that cycle of paycheck to paycheck.

While you are getting yourself and your family to financial freedom you must make sacrifices, and this is one area I especially have done since college. This year, we grew our net worth $47,000 on one income. We did not even make 6 figures.

I made living sacrifices – living with roommates, living in houses, but renting out a bedroom, etc.  

As living tiny was more for an adventure for us.  

It ended up being the best sacrifice for us living wise. We are able to pay aggressively on our RV and still live in a space of our own paying cheap rent.  Rent around our city cost upwards to $1200 – $1300 for a one bedroom apartment.  It is even more now, $1400 – $1600. We are able to pay this amount towards our RV and pay it off early to then make moves financially for our family. 

Other sacrifices we have made since living tiny are things such as downsizing our wardrobe, kitchen gadgets, furniture, and even food!  Our food we live off of one week budget and have to have a purpose for each item we buy.  This has saved us so much money!  We have turned our food budget from $600+ a month to only $400 a month.  Learn how to do the same in our Meal Planning 101 or get Meal Planning 101 for FREE by purchasing this course!

With this lifestyle we have turned to the minimalist lifestyle too.  

We think twice about what we purchase and the things people get us for birthdays, Christmas, baby showers, wedding gifts, etc. They all had to have a purpose for our lifestyle.  This means we only received things we needed.  We told people exactly what we wanted or needed for our family.  Just like how we opened up a 529 Plan for Ember and Rivlynn during the first year they were born.

For me, it has even helped me not buy things that do not give me joy and are a last minute Target buy.  You know when you go to Target for a $5 item and end up buying $200 worth of stuff!  Need help with Target shopping read this.

4. Teachings

Think about the teachings you will be able to share with others. Our daughters have learned so much just within our tiny living adventure. They have learned history, landscapes, geography, and so much more.

The teachings we are able to learn in our own lives living tiny, and even teach others is amazing!  We have learned how to do business in other areas of the country. Learned how to sell and up sell and how to price things differently to different locations.

We love to teach others how to be intentional with their money, know there is more to life than money, God is our biggest provider, and being resourceful of all of his creations.  

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