Refresh Yourself. CREATE BETTER GOALS.

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Want to set new years resolutions for the new year or any time of year?  It does not always have to be physical wellness like setting up a gym membership and losing weight.  What if it looked different this year or month and you set goals for your financial wellness?  We have just want you need for your new years resolution for this year or even this month to get you financially fit!

You can look different this year compared to prior year or even month.  We need to jump on the ark and build wealth because we do not want to be in the same spot as last year.  I mean if we all could do 2020 over again we probably would as far as wealth goes.  Maybe, have a bigger emergency fund, have more investments, or even less bills to pay month to month by getting out of debt. 2021 was a little bit better, and you know 2022 is going to be domination mode.

Weight loss goals? Nah…let’s make meal planning goals instead!

We have found many people love this goal of meal planning goals instead of weight loss goals because you get the benefit of even more than just planning out your meals.

Meal Planning 101

Cut your grocery bill! Use the meal planning 101 printable to help you SAVE so much money! What you get? ✓ Pantry List ✓ Grocery List ✓ Monthly Meal Menu ✓ Weekly Meal Menu ✓ Yearly Meal Tracker ✓ How to Steps ✓ Tips ✓ Digital download emailed from within 24 – 48 hours ✓ Everything is ready for you to start savings on your groceries from the experts!


Benefits of meal planning goals:
1. Saving money
  • Sticking to meal planning for each week
  • Do not spend an outrageous amount of money
  • Know what you are going to have for dinner each night

What we love about meal planning goals and saving money as a benefit?

We love that it helped us reduce our monthly grocery bill from over $600 to less than $400 a month and some months we even get it down to less than $350! This allows for our money to go towards other goals like traveling!

What we know you will love with meal planning goals and saving money as a benefit:

Saving money to put your money somewhere else for you rather than just eating it.  I mean we all love to eat, but do you want to really think about how your money is just being wasted on food? 

2. Losing weight

This may blow your mind, but seriously my husband has lost over 10 pounds by us meal planning our dinners out because we have a purpose for our food and the amount of food we prep.  I lost 35 pounds.  Disclaimer: I even had a baby in the middle of all of this.  I am almost a year postpartum as of writing this.

What we love about meal planning goals and losing weight?

We lost weight and did not even mean to, and we feel great!  We can both go adventures with Ember and the dogs without being tired or sick. 

What we know you will love with meal planning goals and losing weight as a benefit:

You can lose weight too or maintain your weight without having to hop into a gym.  Personally have not been to a gym for over a year! 

3. Less Waste

You stick to a 7 day plan of food and have a purpose for each thing you buy.  You do not even need to stock up to save!

What we love about meal planning goals and less waste?

We have tiny storage for all our dry food, fridge and freezer food so everything has to have a purpose hence less waste.

What we know you will love with meal planning goals and less waste as a benefit:

You can have less waste in your house so you do not feel like you are throwing away perfectly good food or money! You will have a purpose too for you food! 

Gain muscle?  How about gaining wealth!

Gaining wealth is so much fun! 

Personally, I love watching our networth increase more and more each month!  

It is fun to be able to give to others and spread joy.  We always pray for our friends to build their wealth too! Hence why we do a personalized 1:1 remote coaching.  We have the knowledge, the experience of building wealth, and God definitely gives us challenges just like you to be able to help you in your situation to build wealth too. 

“When Job prayed for his friends, the Lord restored his fortunes.  In fact, the Lord gave him twice as much as before.”  I know that we cannot gain wealth without putting the Lord first. 

1:1 Remote Budget Coaching

1:1 Budget Coaching Session – 45 minute budget sessions – Set up one budget – Follow up with one budget


Benefits of building wealth goals:
1. More security

What we love about building wealth goals and more security?

Feel more secure when life happens.  

Yes, life happens to us too just like you, but what makes the difference is we are prepared.  

We have a fully funded emergency fund to help us when all three of our cars break down at the same time!  No lie this recently happened to us. 

 Let me tell you about it!  

First, Suzie the Subaru transmission has something wrong with it.  The tech guys cannot figure it out.  

Our option 1, change the fluid.  

Option 2, get a new one.

We went with the cheaper option first and well let’s just say we are going to need to go with option 2.  


Second, our chevy Penelope cruze is leaking oil everywhere and has a horrible smell of burning.  

Yep, I personally do not want to get blown up so it is just sitting in our drive way until the part comes in to fix it.  

Third, our basement of our tiny home has water damage again!  

We thought we fixed it the first time but it came back.  So off to trying to fix it again.

Luckily, we have an emergency fund to fix all of these loving life challenges!  

Which means we are more secure and not racking up credit cards.  

We are able to pay cash and have options on what we want to do with the decision we make.

What we know you will love with building wealth goals and more security as a benefit:

You will too have security when you build your wealth.  You will feel a sense of peace when life happens.  You will have options to choose from.  You will not put more debt on your credit cards.  You will feel peace and say well that is inconvenient, but at least we are prepared with our finances. 

Yearly Bullet Budget Journal

With this yearly bullet budget journal, we have seen people… Boost their savings Pay down debt fast Increase their networth Have one place for their finances Customize their budget, which means no messy budget Accomplish their money goals faster Reduce the worry about finances


2. Paradise

What we love about building wealth goals and paradise?

It seriously feels like paradise when we see our wealth increase when I am a stay at home mom, and we are living off of one income. 

People we make less than $70k and our networth increase $47k and it is not even the end of the year.  We have faith the Lord is providing for our family each and every month.  We ask him for answers.  We set big wealth building goals and ask him for it.

My husband set a goal to sell 12 necklaces this month and he sold 15 so far!

What we know you will love with building wealth goal and paradise as a benefit:

You will feel paradise too. Just start where you are.  Create a wealth building goal.  Do not let it be weak, but so big you are afraid of it. Watch this year is your year! I believe it and see it! 

God says, fall 7 times this can be your year to get back up. 

“The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again.  But one disaster is enough to overthrow the wicked.” – Proverbs 24:16

3. Accomplishment

What we love about building wealth goals and feeling accomplishment?

The sense of accomplishment.  Both my husband and I want to see accomplishment in our life.  We love when we do our monthly networth check up and see our networth increase by $600 or even $5,000!

I started upside down with my networth. My husband started with being upside down you guys. Now, we are on the journey of building an empire because we have God on our side and we have the mindset that we will accomplish so much more. That is our favorite part to be honest! Dreaming and dreaming more and achieving those dreams!

Here are some dreams we have accomplished so far read them to inspire you:

What we know you will love with building wealth goals and feeling accomplishment as a benefit:

We all start somewhere with a foundation to build wealth. Whether you are accomplishing something from zero, negative, or a little bit of positive networth.  You will get to your dream.

Isaiah 44:28 “Who says of Cyrus, ‘He is my shepherd and will accomplish all that I please’ he will say of Jerusalem, “Let it be rebuilt,” and of the temple, “Let its foundations be laid.”

We hope your new years resolutions are so big and scary you think they are out of your reach, but know that when you set them you are taking a first step to build your financial wellness. We know that if you have the right mindset this year and want a new start that you can achieve any financial goal you want!

Want to make this year the best year yet?  Start today!

If you were inspired, like it.  

If you want someone else to be inspired, pin it and share it.

Know someone who wants to make financial wellness goals, pin it.

Want THIS YEAR to be your year, like it.  

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