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What to do at George Washington National Forest While Staying on Budget!

Traveling you know is our favorite part of life and our dream adventure.  We are going to do these posts more often to share our RV tiny living travels.  We will share what we love.  Hopefully to inspire you to travel and enjoy the life you have on this earth. Here are the 6 things we loved at George Washington National Forest and hope you find yourself adventuring here too! 

How we paid off our home early 

First, I want to start off we paid off our home, which we do not live the traditional lifestyle most American live. I fully believe that a home is where you make it. A home is something that keeps a roof over your head, food is served, and warmth is all around you with love. We live tiny in a 32 foot Thor Four Winds RV.  We bought the RV for $47,000 and the loan we took out was for $50,000 in March 2019 and paid it off 100% by May 2021. Our income was under six figures as I was a stay at home mom, but this really doesn’t matter because we made the biggest dent in our loan when we made under six figures than we did when both my husband and I were working and we were making well over six figures.  So if you are on the edge of should I pay off my home fast even though I “don’t make a lot of money” yes, why yes you should!  You then have so much freedom with what you can do with your money.  You can save it. You can give it. You can spend it. You can invest it. It is amazing! 

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